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Game admin staff change

Nov 01st 2016 22:14

As some of you may be aware, I have for a time been looking for ways to reduce or share the load of game admin leadership tasks that have since, my taking the role as Head Admin in April 2012, been effectively all dependent on me. It is my pleasure therefore to announce that Mistress is hereby taking the role as Vice Head Admin, effective immediately.

Mistress is a long term player whose career goes back to Archmage, and after that the earliest days of TR and on, during which she has lead the Iron Fist Protectorate on blitz and lately lightning server. For the past while, she has been involved in the admin team behind the scenes, helping out and building a strong understanding of our role as well as the tools at our disposal. She is an intelligent and capable person and I know she will do an excellent job in her new role.

As Vice Head Admin she will have full admin access and authority to address or rule on any relevant issue or situation. I will retain overall responsibility for the work and composition of the game admin team, and will continue to be involved in operations as before until further notice.

Please join me in officially welcoming Mistress to the admin team and the senior game staff.

Head Admin
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