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Player bans

Sep 11th 2015 01:23

This thread is intended for the listing of players who have been handed full or partial bans from TR servers. Please note that if you become aware of a banned player trying to circumvent their ban, you should inform game admins as soon as possible via an in-game report on the relevant server, or an e-mail to coordinator@the-reincarnation.com. Tolerating a banned player is in itself a decalogue violation and may lead to sanctions.

Account               Server     Ban start    Ban end     Reason                          Comment
KenTheMen (#116923)   lightning  2015-09-11   2016-01-09  Repeated multimaging, milking   aka ZeNeGer
ZeTheMan (#116891)    lightning  2016-01-04   2016-02-28  Tolerating/protecting cheaters  aka yunasz
KenTheMen (#116923)   lightning  2016-01-04   2017-01-04  Circumventing ban               aka ZeNeGer
JuniL (#68235)        arch       2016-02-02   2016-04-02  Multimaging
cuatre (#42230)       all        2016-03-22   2016-06-20  Repeated multimaging, milking
DuckHole (#85111)     all        2016-09-13   N/A         Severe bug abuse
ahpeng (#115409)      all        2016-09-13   N/A         Severe bug abuse
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Re: Player bans

Sep 11th 2015 16:05

I'd like to clarify that this thread does not, and will not, contain every banned account or IP address/range. The game admin staff continuously freezes and bans accounts and IPs both, but many are obvious disposable accounts, which are not connected to any known player. We will not list all of those here, for the simple reason that it's a lot of work for little gain. Indeed this is the first time we publish any bans, and we do this only so that other players will have a reasonable chance to avoid incriminating themselves by playing with someone who is violating the decalogue by skirting a ban.

One future option may be a page that automatically updates with all bans in every server. Until then, we will list the most important bans, of "real" accounts/players, in this space.

Re: Player bans

Sep 13th 2016 08:58

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